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About us

Two goofy people + One sailboat = Infinite adventure

(See what we did there?)



Hi, I’m Megan! Sailing might have been Bob’s dream, but I’m very excited to be on this journey with him! When Bob and I met, I had only been out of the U.S. one time – my first international trip was to the Dominican Republic for my birthday in 2013. Since Bob and I have been together, we’ve visited eight more countries! I’ve always been an avid reader, so traveling is a great way to put context around all those stories I’ve loved throughout my lifetime.

Prior to life on a catamaran, I spent my days in a cubicle doing finance work in the insurance industry. I’d been a yogi for years, but decided to improve my practice by pursuing a 200-hour yoga teacher training program. I enjoyed it so much and people were so interested in it, that I decided to start a small yoga business. I primarily teach beginner and intermediate yoga, and prefer lots of joking around and fun. Naturally, most of my classes are “yoga + a cocktail” and it’s so much fun!   

 I’ve always been more of an introvert, type-A, who likes to understand things well and prefers some structure. Cruising life will certainly help me expand my adaptability and hopefully help me to relax more! I plan to rely heavily on yoga and wine! 🙂 



We met in the summer of 2014 while Bob was performing a training session at Megan’s employer. Megan happened to be in the group and the “hot copier guy” caught her eye.  A month or two later, we started hanging out with the mantra of “let’s have fun and see where this goes.” The fun led us through many epic vacations and other local shenanigans over the years, and ultimately to the biggest adventure of all: getting married and sailing the ocean! 





My name is Bob and per my wife, I’m supposed to tell everyone about myself in this narrow and tall gray box. I got the travel bug early in life going on family vacations and never really stopped except for work distractions. I used to travel quite a bit and actually blogged a lot of it – it ends abruptly in Central America, but you can read it here. 

After these adventures I jumped heavily into business ownership where I bought our family business, continued to grow it while acquiring others until finally deciding to make some changes and get back to exploring the world.

 So, enough of that crap… who am I really? I’m a fun loving guy who enjoys a good laugh and many cold beers. I’m not shy when it comes to sharing my opinion and thoughts and can usually be found in the middle of a good debate. But, at the end of the day, I love living life, learning new cultures, experiencing new things and getting caught up in the random “Oh Sh*t” moments that happen when traveling. I hope you enjoy our adventure!

Blue Infinity


Hi, I’m Blue Infinity, Bob and Megan’s kick ass boat. I’m a 2018 Lagoon 42 Owners Version Catamaran. I have a total length of 42′ from bow to stern (front to back), 25.3″ wide (at the hips) and have a draught of 4’1″ (Depth in water). My mast is 67’9″ high when fully loaded to a capacity of 18 tons. 

I’m an owners version vessel which means one hull is designed to be the living space for the owners, while the other hull is split into two additional cabins each with their own head (bathroom).

I have been fitted out with some additional equipment to make life easier, such things as:

1.) An Aquabase water maker that turns saltwater into fresh water at a rate of 105 liters per hour.

2.) 4x420W solar panels which keep the batteries topped off and allow all of the other goodies powered.

3.) Onan Generator (Genset) that is a power on demand solution if extra power is needed at night or when the need for A/C is prevalent. Yes… I have aircondinitoning and heat too!

4.) Bob and Megan outfitted me with a new anchor once they saw the dinky one that Lagoon puts on me standard. They upgraded the 25kg Delta to a 35kg Spade…. and man can that thing hold me in place!