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The Sea Is Calling!

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Bob rants about sleep!

Howdy all! I’m back! Over the last two months here in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), we’ve met countless people when ashore for ‘Boat Beer Conservation Hour’. Most people call this sweet 2-hour period every day ‘Happy Hour’. But, we have decided to rename it for...

Friends onboard in BVI

Last week our first visitors came to visit us on the boat! It’s crazy to think that we’ve been living this life, on our boat, for nearly five months now.  Most of that time was spent trekking across the turbulent fall seas of the European coast and tacking...

What is cruising?

Now that we’ve accomplished our goal to sail the Atlantic Ocean, and we’ve gotten some important maintenance, we’re slowing things waaaaay down.   We are officially in cruising mode.  If you follow us on Instagarm or Facebook, you’ve seen us use the #cruisinglife...