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Mindelo, Cape Verde

*Updated with photos 12/11/18Approaching Mindelo, it reminds me of Las Palmas, but quite a bit smaller. Just before the marina, you pass by a really cool looking fortress and lighthouse on a tiny island. We tried to research it, but were unable to find a...

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria: Part 1

We were fortunate to have a nice long break on land between to break up our trip from France to the Caribbean when we joined up with the ARC group. ARC is the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers and it's an organized crossing of the Atlantic Ocean hosted by World...

We’re definitely not Portuguese

So originally, we had planned to head to Lisbon, Portugal and check out the city life.  Once we survived the storm, we made a crash landing north of Lisbon in Peniche instead (read about the crazy weather here).  We stayed in Peniche two days waiting for the weather...