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Hey all,

Thanks for finding us! We’ve been sitting her in Les Sables d’olonne, France while we wait for some aftermarket items and provisioning on our new L42. For those unfamiliar with the area, this is where Lagoon catamarans are made. While sitting in the marina for 3 weeks, we saw the new Lagoon 46 head out the other day. After talking with a couple Lagoon reps, they took it South to La Rochelle and trained all Lagoon staff on it. It came back to the pier yesterday so I took the opportunity to snap some photos for those interested.

I’ll hopefully get more interior photos and drone footage later when the lighting is better. The sun was in a crap spot so I apologize for the image quality.

Hull #1

Front view

Big ol' booty

Closer view of the booty

Mast (notice single spreader)

Port sugar scoop

Aft section (Notice L42 dinghy system)



Front lounge area


Rear seating area

Outdoor Sink

Interior #1

Interior #2

Interior #3

Interior #4