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You read that right! We went out for our first sail on Sunday morning!  Sitting in the marina for a few weeks has been a little boring, but we’ve met so many sailors taking delivery of boats and passing through.  Everyone has been amazing! They’ve been so helpful in learning about the boat, what we should ask Lagoon and the other vendors, and what we will need to have done before we leave for our journey.  One couple is currently taking delivery of a Lagoon 450F, which they will sail for a year or so and then charter in the Caribbean.  We’ve considered doing that as well, as a fun way to meet new people and explore the islands.  The similarities between our personalities and lives has been ridiculous and hanging out with them has been so much fun!  She is now off to a cooking school in the U.K. to brush up on her skills before they decide to start chartering.  He is here preparing the boat, and is a very experienced sailor, so he offered to take us on our first sail!  To be honest, I was pretty nervous, as we stowed everything hoping nothing would break! It was a windy day, 19 knots, with 1.5 meter waves (about 5 feet)! We motored through the channel and out into the water – it was quite a bumpy ride! When we were out into the bay, we finally put the sails up.  It was amazing!  The ride became much smoother and more enjoyable.

Before we left, I had all these great ideas – I planned to get out the GoPro and take some videos, interview Bob during his first sail, etc. Unfortunately, by the time we put up the sails, I was already pretty green… I didn’t take any meclizine (magic motion sickness pills), because I knew it would be a short sail and wanted to see if I could handle it. The answer is unequivocally no – in those conditions, I definitely need the magic pills! Once we got back to the dock, I spent most of the afternoon resting in the fetal position.  I was unable to read or write for hours without reactivating my motion sickness, haha!  By dinner, I definitely started to feel better and today I am good as new! So lesson learned: just take the meclizine! Fortunately, before I got sick, I was able to take a few photos and videos to commemorate the experience! Enjoy!