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Hi there! We already posted a blog this week, but we’ve been hearing from a lot of friends at home and everyone is pretty frustrated with the weather. It’s been a helluva winter back home in Wisconsin! In February, they’ve had 50 inches of snow! Not to mention the sub zero temps. It seems they can’t catch a break from one or the other and actually have some enjoyable winter weather.  We feel for you! We are so blessed and thankful to be absent for this crazy winter season! So in honor of your struggle, we’ve put together this list of reasons to love winter! And a few reasons why what we’re doing is a little bit less glamorous than it may seem at first glance. Lots of love + sunshine-y vibes, friends!

  • No mosquitos or noseeums biting you
  • No flies or bees getting in the house or attacking your food (inside or out)
  • It’s easier to layer for cold weather – there are only so many layers you can take off when it’s hot outside 
  • Sweating in clothes too much eventually ruins them 
  • Who doesn’t want to drive a snowmobile to work?! 
  • The change of seasons makes for a nice change of scenery every few months 
  • Warm cocktails (need I say more?!?)
  • Being sick in winter doesn’t make you feel bad about hibernating during recovery 
  • It’s never too warm to fall sleep 
  • Grilling out in winter is a creative way to warm up 
  • You can traverse lakes and rivers on foot, or snowshoes, or skis
  • After the holidays, the rest of winter gives you time to get back in swimsuit shape after all those holiday get togethers!
  • Men grow beards to keep their faces warm and get that rugged sexy look…. Bob just does it now to annoy me and look like a homeless dude.
  • Not to mention less shaving for the ladies!
  • Non-refrigerated produce spoils quicker in warm temperatures 
  • It’s the perfect time to binge watch Netflix shows

Stay strong, Wisconsin! We are thinking of you! And hey, it’s almost Daylight Savings Time, so you’ll spring ahead an hour and get more sunshine! Woohoo!

-Megan + Bob